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I’ve decided to revamp the Friday Funnies and re-post the guest posts I’ve written for blog tours and such. I may sneak in a few new ones here and there. Since some of the blogs I originally wrote these for have disappeared I thought it might be a good idea to save and re-share the posts here.

I’m sure if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably familiar with my characters by now, so I’ll save you the chore of reading through my intros. For anyone who stumbles across this who is not familiar, basic info on the characters can be found here, a funnier idea of who they are (in GIFs) can be found here, and a book list/buy links can be found here. All character interviews will be tagged that way so they’re easy to find on the blog.

Now–on with the shenanigans! This is the very first character interview post I ever did (back in May 2010) and where I introduced Shia and the gang from HUNTED BY THE OTHERS:


Shiarra:   Um, hi?  Wow, this is different.  Uh…

Royce:  Haven’t you done this before?  Say your name.  Introduce yourself.

Arnold:  Find your cue cards.  Did we get cue cards?

Sara:  Hush!  Let her do it.  This is her interview.

Shiarra:  Right, sorry.  My name is Shiarra Waynest.  I’m a private investigator, co-owner of H&W Investigations.  I’m also the main character in a book.  How weird is that?

Sara:  Hi, I’m Sara Halloway, the “H” in H&W, and Shiarra’s best friend.

Chaz:  Is it my turn?  Oh, hi.  Call me Chaz.  I’m Shiarra’s boyfriend, leader of the werewolf pack, the Sunstrikers.  Go Yankees!

Royce:  Was that really appropriate?  Well.  My name is Alec Royce, owner of A.D. Royce Industries.  You may have visited one of my clubs or restaurants if you’ve—

Shiarra:  This isn’t a commercial.

Royce:  *offended look* May I finish?

Shiarra:  Yeah, sure.

Royce:  As I was saying.  I run a number of fine dining establishments, as well as nightclubs and other local entertainment.  I’m also the leader over the vampires in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Arnold:  Show-off… Hey, I’m Arnold.  I’m a mage and head of security for The Circle, a corporation devoted to making the benefits of the arcane available to one and all.  I also helped save Shia and Sara—

Shiarra:  Hey, hey!  No spoiling things for the readers.

Arnold:  Oh, yeah.  Well, I’m still awesome.

Sara:  Now who’s the show-off?

Chaz:  Hey, do we get any pizza for doing this interview?

Shiarra:  Ohh, pizza!  I want pepperoni.

Royce:  This is the silliest interview I’ve ever seen.  Why isn’t anyone running some kind of control on this?  The PR people should’ve briefed—

Sara:  I’ll get the crushed pepper and garlic salt.

Arnold:  The vampire may not like that.

Sara:  Ohh.  Made a Very Bad Call there, didn’t I?

Royce:  . . .

Shiarra:  Hey, so, while we wait for the pizza, I’ll tell you a little about the story.

Royce:  Finally.

Chaz:  Nobody asked you, fang-boy.

Royce:  That’s it.  I’m done.

Shiarra:  Sit your ass down!  Jesus, you’re such a whiner… Now, as I was saying, this is a story about me and a few of my friends.  Acquaintances, in some cases.  *eyes Royce*

Chaz:  Don’t forget the friends with benefits.

Shiarra:  C’mon, I’m blushing over here.

Sara:  What she’s trying to say is we’re a bunch of regular folks—err, in some cases, supernaturals, aka, Others—who got caught up in a big mess started by The Circle—

Arnold:  Not all of us are assholes, by the way.

Sara:  No one said you were!

Royce:  Most of them are.  Executives at The Circle did attempt to steal my property.  Which, last time I checked, is illegal whether you’re human or Other.

Arnold:  Not the point!

Shiarra:  Anyway!  I ended up doing some stuff I never thought I’d agree to—ever.  Unfortunately, it involves Mr. Sensitive over there—

Royce:  I don’t have to take this abuse, you know.  I managed to get injunctions against the White Hats, I’m sure I can do the same—

Shiarra:  Oh, whatever!  Look, we have a bunch of adventures, things get wacky, and just read the darn book.

Arnold:  *in Summer Blockbuster Guy Voice* It’s bold!  It’s new!  It’s—

Chaz:  Really annoying?

Sara:  You guys are such children.

Royce:  I’m calling my lawyer.

Shiarra:  Are we done yet?


Um, sorry about that.  Sometimes my characters have a mind of their own.  *sheepish grin*

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I loved the interview. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive today. I’ve been worried shiarra for god knows how long 🙂
    Btw I love the series.

    • Jess_Haines says:

      Thank you so much! I had a ton of fun writing these. Keep an eye out, there will be a new one every Friday through the rest of the year. 🙂 And I hope you enjoy Enslaved once you get your hands on your copy!

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