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Authors After Dark 2012 – New Orleans

Authors After Dark was ridiculous fun this year, as always–though holding it in the absolutely gorgeous Royal Sonesta hotel in the heart of New Orleans was a stroke of genius! NOLA was beautiful, full of incredible sights, interesting people, and beautiful music, day in and day out. The ever lovely Stella Price did a fabulous job putting this con together (and behind her is her faithful sidekick and also amazing assistant in all things con, P.J. Schnyder):

Before I get into the thick of things, and for those who don’t want to read through the whole post, here is the announcement I have been dying to share–and finally spoke about in NOLA!

Mouse and Christoph are getting their own book! Musa Publishing has picked up the paranormal romance novel SILENT CRAVINGS, which I will discuss in greater detail in a later post (unless you’re an email newsletter subscriber or attended the AAD panels where I talked about it, in which case you already got the skinny, you sly devil!).

This year, Binah and my mom weren’t able to come with me, but I brought my friend Holly. We had a fantastic time! We arrived on Wednesday evening and stayed until Monday, and between the two of us we devastated the NOLA supplies of hurricanes, cyclones, and beignets.

On Wednesday night, our first order of business was to run out and see Bourbon Street. We were starving, and hit some dive along with Tori the Book Faery, her mom, some of her friends, KB, and Allison Pang. From there, the whole trip was a whirlwind, so I’ll do my best to revisit it all in some semblance of order. After that, we ran back to the hotel for the welcome meeting, most of which I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure we went out for drinks after that, which is probably why I don’t recall…

Though I am pretty sure that’s when Casey from Literary Escapism tackle-hugged me. That, or it was Thursday night. Anyway, fangirls FTW! (I’m sorry that I can’t list everyone I saw, especially my blogger friends, but I’d be here all night typing this up and searching for links if I had to do it that way. I really, really, REALLY love you all, even if I didn’t mention you by name, I pinkie swear!)

On Thursday, I had a panel on anthologies, author etiquette and marketing (which was recorded as a podcast by husband/wife team Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, though I’m not sure if it’s gone live yet), a reading with fellow urban fantasy authors Kristen Painter and Adrian Phoenix, and then I had an event for bloggers later in the evening. By the end of the day, I was pretty wiped.

Friday was when the partying really got started. When I wasn’t in a panel, I was busy stalking Mark Henry (aka Daniel Marks) and Dakota Cassidy. I did laugh my butt off at one of Jeaniene Frost’s jokes in the urban fantasy panel I was on. We also had the open bar and then the Masquerade Ball, which led to some interesting times.

On Saturday, we had the pub crawl. Coincidentally, this was on the same day New Orleans was holding something called the Red Dress Run. We saw a lot of stuff like this:

JoJo was one of the first people to join us at VooDoo Vibe across from the hotel. Despite the crazy from the overabundance of drunk dudes in red dresses, I got a few great pics while I was there.

And then after, I went running around town with Leanna in the lead. She took us to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (highly recommend their hurricanes, they’re one of the few places in town that uses actual fruit juice instead of the powdered stuff) and to an absinthe shop.

Leanna is truly lovely, inside and out.

On Sunday morning, we had our farewell meeting in the ballroom at an ungodly hour. Stella gave out the gift baskets, and then I rushed off with Holly, Leanna, and a cadre of other people to visit St. Louis Cemetery #1.


Let me explain.

We went in on our own, not as part of a tour. It’s open to all on Sundays until noon, so we wanted to get some mileage out of this place and see what there was to see. Along the way, we ran into one of many of the tour guides. His name was Walter Ross. Check his Mac Daddy pose!

So. Walter tells a damned good story, and I was fascinated by the history behind a bunch of the tombs. I have close to 500 pictures of that graveyard, so I can’t post them all here, but when I have time I’ll put a few more up on Facebook along with some info I recall about what Walter said about them.

Somewhere along the way, Walter started taking pictures for a few of us of the insides of some of the tombs.

Yes. He dropped my phone in one.


Anyway. That’s the exciting story of how my phone was christened by grave dust and cursed for all time. Thanks, Walter! Dude, if you read this, I am totally taking a tour by you any time I come back to NOLA. You were funny, brave, and totally badass, and I will recommend you to anyone who has a sense of humor about graveyard tours.

After that, I wrung out the sweat and headed back to the hotel. A few of us were sticking around until Monday, so we decided to do a ghost/vampire tour. (As an aside, I am both looking forward to and highly dreading seeing the pictures Lori Witt took of us on that tour. Much love to my fellow AWer! And no more short jokes about me, kkthxbai.)

Back on track–I highly recommend French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours if you’re going to wander around New Orleans and want to hear some spectacularly creepy shit about some of the landmarks in town. Ask for Luke. He was fab and knows some great stories.

Most of the pictures I took didn’t have anything terrifically exciting in them–except for one.

This is the picture I took of my cell phone of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church and convent on Chartres Street (look to the left of the cross on the roof):

If you’re not familiar, the place has a rather creepy history. Those attic windows were at some point supposedly nailed shut with hundreds of silver nails to keep the vampires locked inside. Some paranormal investigators were also found murdered on the church steps the morning after they set up their equipment to watch for activity around those windows. I found that stuff as fascinating as it was chilling.

We also heard tales about the two murderous Carter brothers, stopped by Delphine LaLaurie’s mansion, saw one of the houses used in the filming of Interview With the Vampire, and enjoyed some refreshing drinks at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. All in all, it was a great tour, and I would definitely do it again.

On Monday, Holly and I knew we would be leaving soon, so we didn’t do very much. A little bit of wandering on Royal Street. It was hotter than hell, so we didn’t spend much time sightseeing.

However, I did find my new favorite store.

The little pretty on the bottom is on my wishlist:

All in all, this has been a fabulous, exciting trip and convention, and I can’t wait for Authors After Dark in Savannah next year! Keep an eye out, registration opens soon–and they sell out fast!

Farewell to New Orleans–for now. I plan on going back at some point to explore more of the local landmarks and enjoy more of that lovely town’s signature cafe au lait and beignets…

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STALKING THE OTHERS Official Blog Tour Calendar


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Saturday, July 07, 2012
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It’s Coming For You
July 3rd, 2012

Pre-Order Now:
Amazon / Amazon UK / Amazon Canada
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Get a head start on the festivities! Join me tomorrow with my host, Jackie at Literary Escapism, at 6:30PM PST / 9:30PM EST to ask me anything about the H&W Investigations Series!

Call-in Number: 724.444.7444
Call ID: 93065


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Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Ahh, yes. Valentine’s Day.  Love is in the air!  Or something.

Thought you guys might enjoy the guest posts I wrote with a V-Day theme.  Over at Tori the Book Faery’s blog, you can check out Shia, Chaz, Royce, Arnold, and Sara talking about the holiday.  Shia is a bit upset with Chaz at the moment, and Royce is… well… Royce.  Heh. 

Sticking with the romantic theme, I gave Karen at For What It’s Worth my Top Ten Romantic Movies list.  I’m kicking myself for forgetting to put 10 Things I Hate About You on there.  Ah well.  If you know anything about the kinds of movies I like, you probably realize already that I’m hopelessly tasteless.  Let me know if any of you share my horrific taste in cinematic masterpieces.  Oh, and you can also win a copy of one of my books on this one!

Enjoy ‘em!  And Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!


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It’s Release Day for DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS!

Today’s the day, folks!  DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS (H&W Investigations Book 3) is now in stores everywhere!

So, have you picked up your copy yet?  If not, here are just a few of the places where you can find it:

If you haven’t done so already, you can enter the release day giveaway here.  Also, for those new to the H&W series, you can download HUNTED BY THE OTHERS on Nook and Kindle for FREE for the next couple of days! 

 If you missed them, I’ve had a number of guest posts go up in the last couple of weeks, too.  Need an additional H&W fix?  Check out what Shia, Chaz, Royce, Arnold and Sara are arguing about this time, enter some giveaways, and even read a short story about Devon saving a fair maiden in distress!

Also, some more excellent reviews for DECEIVED:

Since the book just came out, I ask that you please keep any spoilerific comments to a minimum on this blog post.  Feel free to write me a personal letter about it (it might take me a little to get back to you, but I will answer every one that I receive) or head over to the fan club forum and discuss it there.

Thanks to all of my friends, family, and fantastic fans!  Hope you all love DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS!

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Freakin’ love ’em. I brought Shia, Chaz and Royce out to play over at the Book Faery’s blog for the Battle of the Sexies. You can win a copy of HUNTED BY THE OTHERS! Tori is doing giveaways all month long on her blog–a new one every day for the month of August–so go check ’em out!

Noticed a couple other cool giveaways I wanted to point out while I’m at it. Tyhitia is hosting a giveaway of Tatiana Caldwell’s SAY MY NAME. Haven’t heard of Tatiana’s work before now, but it’s a great guest post and looks like an awesome book!

Also, I am VERY (!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!ELEVENTY-ONE!!!1!!) excited about Tynga’s giveaway of Karen Marie Moning’s SHADOWFEVER, the fifth book in the Fever series! I’ve been meaning to post a review of the previous four books and haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. Will do that soon.

In this spirit of the internet, I’m going to hold a giveaway of my own! Who wants a copy of NOCTURNAL, eh? Leave a comment by Friday, September 3rd, to be entered! I’ll announce winner(s) on the blog on Saturday, September 4. Number of copies given away will depend on the number of entries.

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Whoa! That was fast! First review of TAKEN BY THE OTHERS has hit the blog-o-sphere!

Natasha’s been a busy girl!  *g* You know that review she did of HUNTED that I posted about yesterday?  Seems she read both books in a marathon session to get reviews of both books done ASAP.

Curious what she thinks of TAKEN BY THE OTHERS?  Go check it out! No spoilers, I promise.

Can I just put it out there how excited I am for this book to come out?  I’m sure every author goes through this with their books, but let me tell you what the upcoming release of TAKEN means to me:

HUNTED was my first published novel, so I can see progress in my writing style in TAKEN (as well as #3, DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS, but that’s getting a bit ahead of myself…).  From the reviewers who took a chance on me from the start (Judi, Abigail, Tyhitia, and the rest–you know who you are!) to those who are newly discovering my books every day (hi Tori, Tynga, and Sullivan!  *g*), it makes me immensely proud every time I hear about how much they enjoyed my work.   I’m thrilled to share Shia’s story, more so to see what others think of her “growing pains” as she learns more about the Others.  Of course, there’s a great deal more depth to her relationships with Chaz and Royce in this next book, as well as a fresh look through her eyes at this new world she’s living in.   I’d like to hope that those who go on to read it see that, too, and continue to see it in the books to come.

I’m very, very excited to share this new story with everyone, and though I know the wait for most on the official book release is long (AUGH, January 4, 2011?!), I do hope you find it worthwhile.  My goal is to entertain–and if I’ve lived up to that, like any author, I always love to hear about it.  Some of those reviews made some very tough days for me pass a little easier.  I may not always say anything about them, but it doesn’t mean I don’t notice or care.

Thanks again to Natasha, and all the other reviewers who have and will post reviews of my work.  Your input and the word of mouth you spread has led to many wonderful people picking up HUNTED, inviting me to do guest posts and interviews, and even sending me fan mail.   Though it may not seem as much, your time and effort in spreading the word really has been invaluable.  It means the world to me.  Thank you.

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